Welcome to Empathy 2.0 — this article will go through the upgraded version of Empathy and how it can have a significant (yet, very invisible) impact on your professional success and growth. Let us start from Empathy 1.0. The definition, according to wikipedia, is “Empathy is the capacity to understand…

While planning our 2015 family holiday, we had three options in mind – the gorgeous Mauritius island or the exotic country of Sri Lanka or the arid land of desserts in the Middle-east i.e. Dubai. Insanity prevailed and we decided to go to Dubai! …

Poems are beautiful — soft, subtle but read them multiple times and you get a powerful sense of learning and achieving something in a short read. Over the period of time, I have read multiple poems but neither of them have had such an lasting impact as the one below.

Kaushik Chaubal

A tech geek in the beautiful world of finance

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